It can be difficult to find reliable and up to date information about sex and porn addiction and often even harder to find help for partners. Please do take time to look round the resources section we offer here.

You will see the range of books written by Paula Hall that can be a valuable resource for you. You’ll find that each book provides practical self-help resources as well as information and advice. 

In our published articles section you’ll find articles that have been written for the academic press as well as some written for therapeutic magazines and the mainstream press. If you’re looking for shorter articles, do take a look at our Blog as well or follow us on twitter where we regularly post articles of interest. 

Please also do take a look at our video section. As well as Paula’s TEDx talk, ‘We Need to Talk About Sex Addiction’, you’ll also find videos explaining the neuroscience behind sex and porn addiction and specific advice for partners and people with addiction. We also have a group work video where previous attendees have generously shared their experience so you can understand more about how the Hall Recovery Course works.

The Kick Start Recovery Programme has been created to offer the many thousands of people who struggle with sex and pornography addiction with a reliable and tested self help solution. For some it will be a complete solution - for others it will ‘kick start’ a recovery journey that may continue with further reading, therapy and/or 12 step support.